Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"Say You're Leavin' On a Seven-Thirty Train And That You're Headin' Out To Hollywood ..." Aerosmith Concert! New Job! 24! And More!

I'm BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK in the saddle agaiiiiiiiiiiin.

Man, what a week. Endings, beginnings, and Aerosmith, all in the span of a few days.

Where to start? Ah yes, this past Wednesday's amazing AEROSMITH concert.

Me, Brian, Liz and Kyle ventured down to the Staples Center for an awesome evening of ROCK, and in the grand summation of things, it was a night to remember. When we got to Staples, we were all kind of amused that our seats turned out to be in the absolute last row of the entire arena ... but hey, at least we were dead center in the middle, so we had a clean line of sight to the huge stage straight ahead of us. So we bukled in and prepared for a ride, creating our own party from high atop the watchtower. Lenny Kravitz kicked things off with a solid set of music. Lenny worked in some very nice and very cool jam sessions with his band members, including a virtuoso tromboner by the name of Trombone Shorty who single-handledly turned things up a notch. Mr. Kravitz brought out most of his big hits, including workmanlike renditions of pop hits like American Woman and Fly Away. Missing were some of my personal favorite Lenny songs like Again and Rock N' Roll is Dead, and things kind of slowed down for a bit as one song flowed int othe other. But then, Lenny went out with a huge bang and took off the kid gloves, getting the Rock out with a slammin' rendition of Are You Gonna Go My Way that brought the house down. Not bad, not bad.

Then, it was time for the main event. Aerosmith came out with guns blazing. Huge production, awesome opening video intro that highlighted all of their hits, and anticipation that got the crowd HYPED. We were ready to be rocked, and we were. What was awesome? Well, overall, the band looked INTO IT. Steven Tyler was bouncing around like a twelve year old boy after too many pixie sticks - not bad for a man well into middle age. Joe Perry was positively WAILING on his guitar, showing all that he is truly a legend in his own time. And Tom Hamilton, Brad Whitford, and Joey Kramer brought the goods as well. No question, Aerosmith was on their A-game to an extent that they brought a far better energy than they did when I last saw them in 2004 in Hartford, CT. And the energy carried over into many of the songs. Dream On, for one. One of my personal picks for all time greatest rock songs, Dream On ROCKED LIKE NO OTHER, inducing the crowd into a state of near euphoric one-ness with the soul-searing cry of Steven Tyler and the pulse-pounding guitar stylings of Perry. The rest of the crowd-pleasing 90's hits were all kickass as well. Livin' On the Edge - awesome. Cryin' - ruled it. The rest of the bonafide classics were all presented with appropriate aplomb. Sweet Emotion was sweetly emotional. Walk This Way walked the walk. Back in the Saddle was sung loudly and proudly. Seasons of Whither - EPIC. These bonafide Big Ones made the show and made it, like I said, an unforgettablly amazing night.

But speaking of Amazing ... that was just one of the songs that was conspicuous in its absence. No Amazing, no Janie's Got a Gun, no Angel, Love In an Elevator, nothing from Nine Lives, no What It Takes or Eat the Rich ... instead, we got a large helping of Honkin' On Bobo, for one thing. Now I am a fan of Train Kept A Rolling, and I must admit that Aerosmith kicked some blues-y ass with their rendition. But one Honkin On Bobo selection was probably enough. Instead we got multiple new-ish tracks that were kinda underwhelming (at least play the awesome Back Back Train if you're gonan do Bobo stuff, or what about Girls of Summer, the band's newest track from Oh Yeah! and a pretty damn good song ...). We also got a Joe Perry solo song (nice guitar, but, um, no thanks), and overly drawn-out versions of sappy new-school songs like Don't Wanna Miss A Thing. And finally, we got a grand finale of ... DRAW THE LINE?!?! What? Aerosmith does a huge, drawn out version of what is a decent little song at best, sings a quick happy birthday to Brad Whitford, and THAT'S IT? No encore? WHAT?

So yeah, that was a little shocking, and it compelled our party of Aero-Heads to quickly compose our own ride-home playlist to satisfy our cravings for prolonged helpings of Aero-goodness. BUT, despite it all I still felt like it was an AWESOME concert. Sure, some of the song selection was a little questionable. But what we did see was a LEGENDARY band, bringing their A-game, rocking like only they can, and performing a tear-inducingly rocking selection of some of their best songs. The rush of near-rock-nirvana that I felt during songs like Dream On, Living On the Edge, and Sweet Emotion made it one for the record books. We came, we saw, and even if we were int the back row, dammit all, we rocked, rolled, and kicked some ass. YEEAOOWWWWW!


Moving On ...

The next few days following the Aerosmith concert were followed, well, by PURE CRAZINESS.
The next day was, afterall, my LAST in the NBC Page Program! My last day working on the NBC lot! The last day of my assignment in Primetime Development! Looking back a few days later, I cannot freaking believe that I am no longer a Page. Being a page has literally been my life for over a year now. Almost everyone I know in LA I met through the page program. It was my foot i nthe door, my start, and not just professionally, but in all kinds of ways big and small. So Thursday, still running with a near-empty tank from the Aerosmith concert and with the knowledge that my parents had arrived in LA from CT late Wed. night ... well, let's just say it was A LOT to take in.

My day Thursday was spent, literally, running around. I had that one day to train Monica, my heir apparent in Primetime Development, in the ways of the Primetime Page ... and it was quite the exhausting endeavor, though it was a huge relief knowing that I'd be able to show her the ropes before I threw her to the wolves, so to speak. So I trained Monica, and also ran down to good ol' GUEST RELATIONS for one last meeting with the PAGES. But first I had to have one FIRST meeting with a man by the name of JAY LENO, who spent a few seconds posing for a souveneir photo with me in honor of my time as a Page coming to a close. I donned my polyester uniform, proudly, ONE LAST TIME for the occasion, then, sadly, turned it in to the Powers That Be. I stuck my nametag in the page lounge ceiling as is tradition, so that future generations of PAgedom can gaze in awe at wonder at Daniel Baram from Bloomfield, CT, and either wonder who that guy was, or, maybe, say "Wow! HE was a Page? Cool!" I said my goodbyes to my comrades in arms (lots of old-school pages were in the house, so it was cool - nice to see people like Akhila and Tina there), raided the Tonight Show green room one final time, closed up shop with Betty, Bill, Christy, Scott, and the rest and then, finito, done, over. I headed back up to my assignment, finsihed playing Obi-Wan-Kenobi, and then, when the Student had Become The Teacher (ok, not quite YET), I was done there as well. And in retrospect, my assignment really was a great experience. I learned A TON and feel it prepared me for anything, and there really were some great people over there who taught me a lot and made my days fun and exciting. So finally, that was it. I was gone.

More than one year of tours, Leno, Ellen, Miller, Carson - was through. More than one year of assignment applications, ticket office, CB, the dreaded ticketboxx of doom. Of parking in Catalina and walking the long walk to the guest relations office. Of seeing Andy from Disney who worked as security on The Tonight Show, of eating at the commisary, of the Days of Our Lives security guard and his crazy stories. Of blackened chicken sandwiches, of lunches with Abby and Sean, or my assignment, of seeing all the new scripts, of working with all of my friends. Of donning the blue polyester. Of hearing Cowboy Troy and Avril before the Tonight Show. Of making fun of the people dancing at Ellen, and of taking them all the the bathroom a million times per show. Of checking my schedule, of getting pulled, of making endless copies and getting lunches. Of Yummy Cupcakes in Burbank and Bacco and Taste Buds runs. Of Wednesday movies and Mondays at Acapulco and Friday night dinners (though I'm sure those will continue). It's been an amazing ride, and hopefully the best is yet to come. But when Thursday evening came and I rove out of that Burbank lot ...

I was a Page no more ...

But wait, no time to breathe!

PARENTAL ALERT - parents in town! All systems go!

So yeah, the next few days was a nonstop marathon of shopping, day-tripping, restauranting, and all around madness from CT to here, paid for and delivered. While there is such a thing as TOO much family fun (who wouldda thunk it?), there were, believe it or not, some highlights:

- trip to San Diego, where I had my first ever visit to the San Diego Zoo.
- LA Farmer's Market
- Kosher dining in LA
- art-gazing at the Getty Center
- dinner at Micelli's near Universal with Liz and Brian
- possible James Gandolfini sighting at Marie Calenders' restaurant
- way too much food

So yes, for the curious, I was bombarded with more advice, life-lessons, and general suggestions concerning my apartment, car, eating-habits, clothing selection, religous preferences, careepath, and overall lifestyle, in a matter of days then most people will receive i na lifetime, resulting in near sensory meltdown. But I guess that just comes with the Baram family territory. What are ya' gonna do?

But yeah, I could have used about a week to recover from THAT, but there was no time, as ...

MONDAY - I started my new job at Universal's new Digital department!

Whoah, reality check - this is a real, actual job! No more internships, page programs, or assignments. This is real, and that alone is somewhat terrifying. What in the blue hell am I doing? Well, I'll tell you - I am working in a new department overseeing the transition of all viable NBC, SciFi, USA, and Bravo content from broadcast TV to I-Tunes. Yes, it's a new digital era, and like I said before, I'm getting in on the ground floor. But speaking of floors, the weird thing is that, as Liz witnessed today, I am VERY LITERALLY alone - just me and my boss - it is JUST the two of us, and no one else, on the ENTIRE SEVENTH FLOOR of the 2160 building East Wing on the Universal lot. How weird is that? It kinda reminds me of where Adam Sandler worked in the movie Punch Drunk Love. So yeah, it's really odd, and I could potentially see myself going crazy, eventually, from being so isolated. Especially coming from Primetime where it was a mile a minute, running around, dealing with a ton of people and personalities every hour of every day. So right now I'm kind of just getting settled in and getting set up and learning the basics of the business, getting familiar with all things I-Tunes and NBC. Of course, transferring all of my security and IT stuff over from NBC is nowhere near as easy as I'd hoped, but hey, I guess there's always going to be that adjustment period. For now I am just seeing where it all takes me, and hoping for the best.

But what a week it's been.

Before I go, some quick TV reviews:

24: Dayum, last night's episode brought the pain! In a good way! Talk about intensity - the President's wife in the motorcade scenario was ridiculous! The drama meter was ratcheted up to eleven, and then, you had PETER WELLER, ROBOCOP himself, showing up as Jack's former mentor. What can I say, this season of 24 has been a nerd paradise in terms of it's casting - with Forever Knight, Samwise Gamgee, and now Buckaroo Banzai his own bad self showing up and (spoilers) ... turning EVIL, nearly killing Jack and bringing that icy cold stare that is half-man, half-machine, and all badass. Fun stuff with Sean Astin going quickly over the edge, and the return of Bill Buchanan. Aaron Pierce going from mild-mannered Secret Service Agent to one-man WRECKING-CREW! Oh yeah - references to George Mason and Nina Myers! Sweeet. And what's with the music the last few weeks? It's been ruling it! Kudos to whoever is composing those cool techno-y beats - they are really adding to the ambiance and yes, GRAVITAS, of the show as of late. And what about next week! Tony returns .. and this time, it's personal! Kim Bauer! Too ... much ... intensity. This show, alst night ,was at the top of it's game. My grade: A

The Simpsons: What the ...? Sunday's episode (taped it) was chock full of old-school style hilarity! Groundskeeper Willie was one of the last fan favorite characters who had yet to receive a spotlight episode, and here it was, finally, ya wee bastard! But this is nu-Simpsons, so it would suck, right? Lo and behold, it was actually pretty funny and clever - a fun and amusing riff on My Fair Lady. Been there, done that? Of course, but hey this was solid and laugter-inducing from start to finish. Best ep in a while and a pleasure to watch. More, please. My grade: A-

Gilmore Girls: I just gotta mention that: tonight's ep featured Sebastian Bach of the 80's hair metal band Skid Row, playing his usual character on the show, who is in a band called Hep Alien with Rory's friend Lane. In the plot, the band broke up, but Sebastian and some others form a new band, and in tonight's ep, they are seen playing a rock version of "Hollaback Girl" at a Bat-Mitzvah party taking place in WEST HARTFORD, CT! How funny is that? This was a fun, eventful episode and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Whatcha gonna do about it? My grade: A -

Oh by the way, yesterday, my first day working on the Universal Studios lot, and I run into none other than Matthew Fox of LOST fame eating his lunch. What he was doing there I don't know, but pretty cool nonetheless.

Alright, that is all for now. What a week. I'm spent.

The past is gone. It went by like dusk to dawn. And I'm out.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006



What's up rock n' rollers?

Well this week is crazy. It's my last week as a page, my last week working on the NBC lot, my last week at my assignment in Primetime Development, and my last week before I start the new gig over at Universal. Craziness!

But before I talk about all that ...

Wednesday evening is going to be off the chain, as three of my pals and I head to the Staples Center for an evening of AEROSMITH, live in concert!

So yeah, it's no big secret that Aerosmith is pretty much my favorite band of all time. I mean hey, my IM name IS Aerokid17, afterall. How did it all start?

Well, it was the early 90's - I was a kid in grade school, just at the right age where music starts to hit you and take hold. I was glued to MTV, and I couldn't get enough of the music videos of bands like Pearl Jam, Guns N' Roses, Tom Petty, Green Day, and yes, of course - Aerosmith. The band was in the midst of a miraculous comeback. After nearly disappearing in the late 1980's after their brief, Walk This Way-infused comeback with Run DMC, Aerosmith exploded onto the MTV scene, with an epic trilogy of awesome music videos - Cryin', Amazing, and Crazy. Sure, these were preceded by a few other big hits like Living on the Edge, and in years prior, Janie's Got a Gun, but the Trilogy reintroduced Aerosmith (not to mention Alicia Silverstone) to my generation and completely defined what I thought of as real Rock N' Roll. One of the first rock albums I ever bought was Get A Grip, and I listened to it non-stop. When the greatest hits compilation, Big Ones, came out, I was all over it, and I added songs like Angel, Deuces Are Wild, Blindman, and Love In An Elevator to my Aerosmith listenin' repetoire. Soon I bought their Greatest Hits, and suddenly became aware of the the old-school, classic rock stuff like Sweet Emotion, Walk this Way, Back In the Saddle, and of course, Dream On. I remember hearing Dream On for the first time ever, and something just clicked for me, and I remember thinking "ah yes, THIS is rock n' roll." I continued to love Aerosmith, and looked forward to their videos, and was a big fan of their Get A Grip follow-up, Nine Lives, even though many dismissed it. Even though I was very disappointed with Just Push Play, and the overhyped Don't Want To Miss A Thing, I continued to have a nearly unwavering love for all things Aero. During college, I was supposed to have seen Aerosmith, in their hometown of Boston no less, but to my absolute horror, they cancelled the show mere days beforehand due to a throat ailment affecting Steven Tyler. Finally, during a break in my senior year, my brother (a fellow Aero-Head) and I saw our favorite band for the first time ever, live, in Harford, CT, along with another classic rock favorite, KISS. While Kiss's crazy theatrics kinda stole the spotlight away from the Bad Boys from Boston, it was still a great show, and it was awesome to see my fav band in concert, even if they avoided many of their hits in favor of new stuff from the as-of-then unreleased Honkin' On Bobo (which turned out to be a decent, though not great, album).

But now, as Aerosmith has kinda faded from my musical playlist in recent years, they are finally back on heavy rotation, baby. Just this weekend, I went out and re-purchased my old school favorite album, Big Ones. Why? Because my old copy was a worn out CASSETTE tape, purchased sometime in grade school, before I even owned a CD player. I hadn't listened to that album in YEARS.But within minutes, I was belting out the lyrics to EAT THE RICH, BLIND MAN, and WALK ON WATER like it was 1995, and we hadn't lost a beat. At one time, that final verse from Eat The Rich was THE coolest, most badass thing EVER. "So take that grey poupon my friend and SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS!" And you know what? I still let a huge kick out of that song. And I still remember the lyrics to Amazing, Cryin' and Crazy. And hearing Love In An Elevator still makes me want to stand up, kcik down the door, and rock it.

So yes, I am PSYCHED for the big concert tommorow. Lenny Kravitz will be there too, but make no mistake, this is about one band - AEROSMITH - America's Greatest Rock N' Roll Band. Sure, I may cringe when they feature such songs as Jaded and I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing in their set list. But then I'll hear Sweet Emotion and I'll remember that THIS, this is the definition of HARD ROCK. You can toss out all the alternative, emo, nu-metal, whatever. This is timeless. This is primal. This is the inner teenager that will not die. This is gonna rock our socks off.


1. Dream On
2. Sweet Emotion
3. Amazing
4. Love In An Elevator
5. Walk This Way
6. Angel
7. What It Takes
8. Janie's Got A Gun
9. Kings and Queens
10. Eat The Rich
11. Back In the Saddle
12. Cryin'
13. Crazy
14. Taste of India
15. Deuces Are Wild
16. Blind Man
17. Livin' On the Edge
18. Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
19. Seasons of Wither
20. Ragdoll

Most Underrated:

- Blind Man, Angel, Falling in Love (Is So Hard on the Knees), Hole In My Soul, Kings and Queens, Girls of Summer, Taste of India, The Farm, Back Back Train, Kiss Your Past Goodbye, entire Nine Lives album

Most Overrated:

- Draw The Line, Big Ten Inch, I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing, Jaded, Get A Grip, Just Push Play

Rated About Right:

- Mama Kin, Pink, The Other Side, cover of Come Together

Alright, enough about Aerosmith, except to say expect a full, post concert review ...


So today began my last week ever as a page! Holy crap! I know, it's pretty unbelievable. And very surreal to see other pages coming in today to interview for my assignment. But also very frustrating. Because you may know that I am a completist. I am always actively trying to fit in everything I possibly can into a small amount of time, and I can't stand to see things unfinished. So it is kind of driving me crazy that my last day is Thursday, and yet a new page likely won't start until Friday or next week sometime. So I won't be around to train them, and that is really frustrating for me. As someone who spent many years as a teacher and counsellor, I always look forward to any chance to pass on my accumulated wisdom to someone else, so I was looking forward to the day when I, the learned, wisened page would have a chance to take a new page under my wing and say "look kid, this is how it's done." Thanks to lacadaisical scheduling however, I am not going to get that chance. And as someone who knows firsthand what it was like to get thrown to the wolves in this very challenging and demanding assignment, I don't envy the next page who is going to have to do the same, though I will do my best to help them out from afar.

Otherwise, I am really excited for my new job, though still kinda unsure of what to expect. More on that later, suffice to say it's kinda cool that this internet and Ipod stuff is ALL OVER the news. Just today NBC announced that the pilot for Dick Wolf's new series, Conviction, is going to be available on Itunes a full week before it airs on TV. Cool stuff is going down, and I'm going to be a part of it.


Since I'm short on time, I'm gonna review each show in three phrases, Rorsharch-style.

LOST: Same old frustration. Nothing cool happened. Nice acting though from Naveen Andrews as Sayid. My grade: C+

SMALLVILLE: Gotta love CYBORG. EVIL Lex! Still cheesy plotting though. My grade: B+

MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE: Still funny. Gotta love CRAZY Hal! Watch it while you can. My grade: A-

24: Big improvement over last week. Great action sequences set to some surprisingly kickass music. Where are they going with the overall plot? My grade: A-

NBA All Star Saturday: Nate Robinson Over Spudd Webb! AI's behind the backboard dunk was still the best though. Team San Antonio dominates! Thunder Dan! Clyde The Glyde! Magic! Dirk for Three!

NBA All-Star Game: Boring game this year, no hype, no enthusiasm, didn't feel "bigtime." LeBron was due for a big one. T-Mac is having a tough year, can't even win an all-star game in his hometown. Kobe is annoying. Does Paul Pierce even care anymore? What about KG - PLEASE trade him. So many good players on crappy teams - the NBA is so diluted it's ridiculous. All these players wasted going nowhere, two best teams are also two most boring to watch. Losing interest in NBA. Long for the days when All-Star games had Jordan, Barkley, Malone, Reggie, etc. Too bad those days are long gone.


Tommorow night: AEROSMITH!
THURSDAY - MONDAY: Baram family reunion ...
THURSDAY: Last day as an NBC Page ...
MONDAY: New Job!
2nd Week of March: PIRATE dinner adventure!
2018 - The Island of New York becomes a state-funded detainment center for criminals where only the vile, the venal, and the insane dare to tread!

Um, nevermind.

But it's all
In the past
Like the
Check that's
In the mail
She was a tall
Whiskey Glass
I was an Old Hound Dog
Who Just Loved To
Chase His Tail ...


Saturday, February 18, 2006

From the Archives of Danny Baram: MAX V - Chapter 1



Max V.
Chapter 1: The Ways of the Tao

I still remember the day he came to me. As my campfire burned in the night sky, the shadowy figure approached me, on the verge of collapse. He was only a boy, but his eyes revealed a wisdom of one much farther along in years. High in the foothills of the Tanggula Shan mountains near the Chinese-Tibetan border he found me. meditating quietly in the cavernous alcove I called my home. I was confused. A white man in the Tanggula Shan, where only those who braved a treacherous climb up the sheer mountainside dared travel? And this one, so young. But he was tough, I could read it in his face. I knew then that my life would be forever changed, even as the boy fell suddenly to his knees, no longer able to bear the weight of his own body. I took him then into my home, nursed him to health. I fed him what little food I had, each day noticing a bit more color returning to his pale cheeks. He was a strong one, this boy. His spirit was powerful, compelling me to pray for him each morning and night. Finally, one week after he had suddenly arrived, he just as suddenly awoke from his sickly state, bolted upright from his resting place and spoke as if possessed by a demon.
“Where am I, stranger? I demand to know this instant! I … I …arrrgh …”
He had overexerted himself, I knew, as he clutched his stomach in pain. I also knew that a fire raged within this boy the likes of which I had rarely seen.
“I am Lao Tzin,” I said, “One week ago you collapsed in front of my home. I took you in, fed you. It is good to see you so active, but I fear you are getting a bit too excited. You must rest.”
He lay back down and was calmed, as his memories flooded his mind.
“You … you are Lao Tzin. I have journeyed … for months to find you. You are the one … who can show me, teach me – the ways of Taoism. You are said to be men of power, magicians, alchemists. Men … who can read the future. I must know these things, and you must teach me.”
I sat bewildered at this boy who had traveled so far … for what? For me? I was once a teacher, I was once one who showed The Way to eager students. But no more. Now I was but an old man living alone in the mountains, resigned to a life of solitude. Who now dared to disturb my peace? I owed nothing to this boy.
“No! I was a teacher once, but no longer. Take your presumptuous misconceptions of my people and go back to where you came.”
I was repulsed at my own behavior. Why had I lashed out in anger at one who only sought my help? Had my isolation made me so hostile to my fellow human beings?
“I am sorry. I did not mean to respond in anger. Your words unintentionally reminded me of … incidents from my past.”
“I know.” he replied in his cool English accent, his words strained because of his aching body. “I know who you are and what you’ve done, and I don’t care. You don’t understand. My name is Maxwell. For the last two years, I have traveled the globe, studying under masters of their respective arts. In Japan, I learned five forms of martial arts; I became proficient in the use of weapons, knowledgeable in the art of stealth. In Germany I mastered the use of firearms. In Egypt I studied the magic of the Pharaohs. I have been to Thailand, to Brazil, to Africa. Now I have come to you, for I have to know something. I have to know my future.”
His future? Such knowledge was dangerous, not suitable for a boy. But I knew, at that moment, that this boy had a very special future indeed. Perhaps … perhaps it was my destiny to be a part of it.
“ I will help you as best I can.” I said softly, knowing full well what untold danger I had thrust myself into. “But you will have to work hard. I know many things, but I am no miracle-worker. You have come a long way, my boy, and I would be cruel to turn you away after having journeyed so far. I see promise in your eyes, a strength of spirit.”
I paced slowly to my bedside to retrieve my cloak, silently praying to the gods to give me strength. As I slipped on the emerald kimono, I felt suddenly a new weight to my life, a burden of responsibility. It felt good.
“Is something wrong, Lao-Tzin?” questioned Maxwell, running a strong hand across his maturing face, through his tousled blonde hair.
“No, Maxwell. It is just, that after so many years, it is good to be a teacher again.”

* * *

And so, over the course of five months, young Maxwell and I trained day and night atop the gray peaks of the Tanggula Shan. Some days, we practiced balance and reflexes, as a reluctant Max braved to traverse the rocky cliffs with only a wire beneath his feet, and only a tree branch for balance. We sparred often, and it was during these sessions that I saw the rage within the boy. He was strong, but also quick, a lethal combination. It wasn’t long before he defeated me regularly in combat. At the same time, though, he was lacking. He looked for something that wasn’t there to be found.
“You have taught me much, Master,” he said one day in frustration, “and my debt to you can never be repaid in full. But what of the Tao? I can learn to fight elsewhere. That is not why I risked my life to scale these mountains.”
This point had never before occurred to me. How blind I had been to the confused state of mind of the boy. He had not yet learned the most important lesson.
“Maxwell, the Tao that can be taught is not the true Tao. You must empty your mind of the rage, focus. Then, you will have already learned all you need to know.”
Maxwell stared at me, at first puzzled, and then overcome with anger. He stormed off, and I pursued, but quickly lost sight of him as he ran off into the dense forest. It was then that I was reminded of myself as a younger man. Now I was calmer, less prone to making such rash decisions, in control of my emotions.
It wasn’t until three days later that young Maxwell returned to my home. However, this time he did not collapse at my door. He stood tall, appearing older, stronger, meaner, than when I had last seen him. He strode determinedly into my home, as I cautiously followed, and sat down on an old, carved chair.
“I feel that it is time for me to leave here.” he said. “In America, I have some people who have been working with the military there. By now, they should have worked a deal. But I have to be there to oversee everything. It is my company, V-Corp., and I don’t trust anyone but myself to run its day to day operation. I have to go there.”
I was flabbergasted. This boy, the head of a corporation? I should have guessed as much. I began to speak but Maxwell continued intently.
“There is much you don’t know about me, Lao-Tzin. Yes, I run V-Corp., but that is only a front for my true mission. Years ago, my father, a British diplomat, disappeared. II vowed then to find him one day, but the journey hasn’t been an easy one. I have been traveling the world since, trying to perfect my mind and body. You know it as well as I, Master; I have a purpose in life that is still unknown to me, but it is there. Thanks to you and others, I’ll be ready to face it when that day comes. You have helped me, more than you know, Lao-Tzin. That is why I will make you an offer. Come with me to America, where you can live in a manner befitting one such as you. No more living in a cave among dirt and rocks” He paused and grinned momentarily. “Besides, I could use a teacher."
Even though my instincts told me otherwise, I already knew what my choice would be. I did not want to go to America. I did not want to leave my peaceful life here. I did not wish to leave my home of twenty years. I went with Maxwell that day not because I wanted to, but because I feared what might happen if I did not.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Final Countdown: ARRESTED Rocks and more

How amazing were the last four episodes of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT?

Anyone who is a fan of good TV owed it to themselves to check out these absolutely brilliant final adventures of the hapless Bluth clan. For two hours, we were treated to a virtual mini-movie - a tour de force of hilarious comedy that pulled no punches and ranks up there with the best of Seinfeld, The Simpsons, and the rest of the classics.

Michael's desperate attempts to hold his family together. George Michael and Maebe's incestuous-or-is-it? romance. Gob's need to put on a show, even if he is the only one who deosn't see his own awfulness. Lindsay's narcissm and total ineptitude. Tobias' walking punchline, the joke that never really gets old, played to perfection by David Cross. George Bluth and his sleaziness, Lucille and her manipulations. Ann (her?). Steve Holt! The bannana stand. ANYONG (Hello!).

These last four episodes contained so many great jokes, so many hilarious moments, so much brilliant writing, so many great inside references and not-so-subtle jabs at Hollywood, so much great character stuff, and yes, so much heart (in its own twisted roundabout way).

Arrested Development -- a legend in its own time. Assuming this is the end, it damn sure went out with a bang. Congrats to all the actors, writers, and producers who contributed to this great show, and thanks.

My grade: A+


THE OC - Ugh. That's about all I can really muster to say about this week's pathetic episode. Why I keep watching, I can't really say. It's a sad situation when on one hand, Johnny was such a lame character that I wish they'd just forget about mourning him and move onto new stories, yet on the other hand, the lack of emotion that anyone other than Ryan and Marissa shows over his death is just ridiculous. Oh sorry, son, one of your three friends just fell to his death ... why don't you come to our Valentine's Day dance tonight, that might make you feel better? At this point, is there anyone left who actually cares about the Ryan-Marissa relationship? Seth and Summer? Julie Cooper and what's-his-name? Another character in Kaitlin shows up for 3 weeks then leaves, sure to never be mentioned again. TERRIBLE. My grade: D

SMALLVILLE - Another somewhat weak episode. Some good acting by Alison Mack as Chloe, who did her best to portray someone possesed by a ghost. But come on, this is the FIVE-BILLIONTH episode about someone's mind being altered by an outside force! EVERY FRIGGIN WEEK someone is possesed, changed by Red Kryptonite, mind-swapped, etc., and enough is enough! When is this show going to take a chance like it did in the first half of this season and actually do REAL storylines that MEAN SOMETHING? As usual, the strong characters and great visuals made this slightly more than the sum of its parts, but other than its nicely done horror film feel, this ep didn't have much going for it. My grade: C

VERONICA MARS - Great ep this week! On one hand, this show was all about the fundamental - it put together a great self-contained mystery that left you wondering whodunnit. On the other hand, it had a ton of small hints and clues pertaining to the season's overarching bus-crash mystery, and a lot of intriguing new details came to light. Awesome character moments with Wallace, Mac, Logan, and the rest. Too bad this episode was up againt both Lost and the Grammys, and few saw it. This show so badly deserves a bigger audience. My grade: A

MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE - Every so often this series does a really, really weird episode, and tonight's was one of them. While it was funny if not somewhat disturbing to see Malcolm and his mom, bond while each is bedridden with mono, the Hal storyline was downright hilarious (as is often the case with Hal storylines, thanks to the brilliance of Bryan Cranston). Points off for two plot points that have already been done on the show though. Malcolm and Mom forming a temporary understanding only to regress back to their usual tension-filled relationship, and Hal realizing that the neighbors all hate them are two storylines that have already been covered. Oh well, this show still brings da funny. Enjoy it while it lasts. My grade: B


The final countdown begins as I prepare for my last few weeks in the page program. Pretty weird to finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, but it's not like I'm going very far - just down Barham Blvd to Universal, where I'll still be working for NBC.

Thanks to everyone, by the way, who offered congratulations in the last few days, I really appreciate it.

And for all those who've been asking ... no, I still don't really know exactly what to expect in my new job, nor do I know exactly what I'll be doing, or what my typical day will consist of. Ah well, guess it's going to be a learnign experience in more ways than one.

My big hope is to get some much-needed TIME OFF i nthe next few weeks. Let's hope that I can make it happen.

And ... that's about it for now. Gotta rest up for the final stretch up in A-203, PRIMETIME development.



FEB 23rd: Parents visit ...

FEB 27th: NEW job!

MARCH: Pirate Adventure?


Yes, my friends, we are in good hands.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Drumroll please ...

And the big announcement ISN'T:

- that NBC is bringing back Saved By the Bell

- that I am moving back to CT

- that I am renouncing my Judaism

- that I have an illegitimate lovechild

- and DEFINITELY not anything remotely having to do with, um, "Heath Ledger's" comments earlier ...

So what is it?!?!

It is that ...




Yes, my desperate search is over! I will be working over at Universal Studios, for a brand new department that will soon be a HUGE part of the future of NBC-Universal.

Basically, you may have heard a lot lately about being able to download shows like The Office from I-Tunes, or watching episodes of classic shows on the web, or downloading "Lazy Sunday" from SNL so that you can see what all the fuss is about.

Well, this is the department I'm going to be working in. It's the future, baby, and I'm getting in at the ground level, and I am very excited. Plus, I still get to be a part of a company that has treated me great over the last few years, NBC-Universal, and get to be around a lot of my fellow NBC Page alumni who work in or around Universal. Not to mention I STILL don't have to worry about hour long drives to work and terrible freeway traffic in the morning.

Now yes, still, somewhere in the back of my mind I can't help but think about what else may be out there, and about my ultimate goal of making a living as a writer. And yes, that is still my goal, and I don't want to lose sight of that.

But for now, I have a real, actual job in entertainment, and in a very exciting field that may just be the wave of the future. Awesome.

Of course, I am still an NBC Page at heart, and I can't even begin to talk about my experiences as a Page right now because there's too much to say. Suffice to say, giving tours, working Leno, Ellen, and wearing the Blue Polyester has been a real trip. And a great experience.

So thanks to everyone for their encouragement. Thanks for everyone who helped me out in the job search process. And good luck to those still looking, because, man, the process is freaking brutal.

Alright, back to work here at NBC.

Back soon with your regularly scheduled blog ...

Thursday, February 09, 2006




let the speculation begin ...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Long Con

So some quick thoughts before I pass out from exhaustion ...

-- Tonight's LOST was, easily, the best episode of the season. This was the first Lost in a LONG time where I was glued to the TV the whole time. Even with the Grammys on one channel, the NBA on another, and Veronica Mars (being taped of course) on UPN, this Lost held me captivated for the entire hour. Things HAPPENED. There were twists, turns, and unexpected surprises. The producers took things in a pleasently dark and uncompromising direction, turning Sawyer from a sanitary, FCC-approved and ultimately likable badass into a total, 100 % no-good bastard, a con-man through and through. And the transition worked brilliantly, and for once the flashbacks were actually compelling in their own right and mingled nearly seamlessly with the main plot on the island. If previews are any indication, the writers have finally decided that it's time for business to pick up on the show, and if so I wholeheartedly approve. Great acting all around in this ep. Plot-wise, it's very smart of the writers to recognize that we as viewers are getting sick of Jack, who has become annoyingly self-righteous and whiny. So to see Sawyer put him in his place and assume control of the island was a great turn of the screw. The brilliance is that even as, on the surface, Sawyer becomes the real villain on the island, Jack too becomes a darker character in his insistence on finding the guns on the island. And of course Charlie showed new sides to himself as well. Yeah, it's been a while since I've cared enough about this show to analyze it in this kind of detail. But I'll give 'em credit - this episode gave us something to think about. My grade: A

Quick Hits:

- WHY does it take so long to hear from jobs that one has applied to? Basically it's like this: right now I am either counting down to a new job, or counting down to unemplyment. Either way, it's a matter of weeks for good or ill.

- I hear Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant are writing an episode of the US version of The Office? Hmmm ... could be weird, but these are two of the funniest men on the planet so I have faith that they'll bring the funny. And when is that Ricky Gervais-penned Simpsons episode scheduled for again? At the rate that show is going, it will likely be the best episode in years (though on a sidenote, last Sunday's ep wasn't too bad at all, actually).

- Once again, I need a job.

- I think I may just find a rare blue flower that only grows in remote Himalyan mountainsides, ascend to a remote Tibetan hidaway, present said flower to a warrior-monk who guards the inner fortress, fight off a secret clan of mystical samurai, and earn my right to train as a ninja warrior under the tutelage of a gruff but wise one-legged ninja master, so that I could join his tribe of clandestine ninjitsu urban vigilantes. Yep, I think that that actually WOULD be easier than actually finding a job in the entertainment biz. And the pay is probably better.

- Good talk today given to us Pages from Rick Ludwin, head of all Late Night Programming at NBC. Lots of interesting comments and anecdotes - well worth attending.

- Ok, I'm off to become a ninja-master. End transmission.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Post Full of GRAVITAS


Well it's basically the word du jour of the moment, and as an avid wordsmith I thought I'd share a little history for those of you who are pop-culture afficianados like myself and may be wondering, "hmm, why did everyone start using that word?" Much like "WMD," "ginormous," and other words that have come into our lexicon in the last few years, gravitas is everywhere now, but unlike other stupid, overused words, gravitas is great. I have gravitas! My blog has gravitas! My new screenplay has gravitas! This Lean Cousine Three-Cheese Ziti is bursting with tasty GRAVITAS, dammit all.

Now here is how I figure this word came to prominence, and surprisingly, this all ties into a little show called 24. Basically, Kiefer Sutherland, Jack Bauer himself, appeared late last year, I believe, on of all things Inside the Actors' Studio with James Lipton. Lipton, as he often does, asked Kiefer a really weird, random question. The question was: "What is your favorite word?" Kiefer thought for a second, and then said, in his badass Jack Bauer voice: "Gravitas."

For some reason, this answer made waves on the internet, and suddenly every entertainment website is using the word gravitas in reference to 24. But something funny happened - suddenly EVERYONE starts using this word, and now it's popping up in news articles, magazines, and random conversations. My opinion: great word, and I aspire to use it more often. And I also find it appropriate that Jack Bauer and the actor who plays him have joined the likes of Bill Walton, Ric Flair, Beavis and Butthead, and other great pop cultural luminaries who have, for better or worse, influenced the words that I say and write. Which is why I now tend to respond to even the most minor of mini-crises by excaliming (sometimes into a fake walkie talkie, no less) "We have a situation!" Jack Bauer would be proud. Or he might look at me, shake his head in disapproval while anxiously checking his watch, and say: "dammit!"

Gravitas. That's what this blog has.

And before I delve into even more 24 stuff, I want to quickly address one comment left on my previous post. No, I don't like Grey's Anatomy, and yes, I can say that without ever having watched it. Why? Because as a general rule I don't like or watch shows set in hospitals. I just don't. I have little interest in watching shows about doctors or their patients. Now, I have heard so many good things about Scrubs that at some point I will really have to check it out, as it seems like one of the few shows on the air right now that I might actually find funny. But, I can't help but think that if the show took place in a seeting that was NOT a hospital, I'd enjoy it more. I mean, why do so many shows have to be in hospitals? They're depressing and horrible, for the most part. And who really likes doctors? No offfense to any doctors out there or anything. So even if they are supposedly quality shows, I have little if any interest, in principle, in watching Grey's Anatomy, House, ER, and all the rest.

Plus, isn't Grey's Anatomy pretty much a chick show?

(Yes, this is coming from the guy who loves Gilmore Girls. Though I see that as more of a geek show that is mistakenly thought of as a chick show.)

So, back to 24:

- This week's TWENTY-FOUR:

Hmm, there's some conventions of this show that everyone has grown to love despite their absurdity. The inevitable mole in CTU, the always-expected Jack vs. CTU lone-wolf vs. procedure conflicts, the over the top Jack torture scenes. Even once annoying characters like Chloe have grown on us, so much so that scenes like last season's Chloe as gun-toting badass phase made us stand up and cheer. But, there is one cliche that I doubt even the most hardcore 24 fans cheer when it pops up like clockwork. I mean, does anyone really want to see MORE storylines about completely random family members of CTU agents who are psycho / criminals / amnesiacs, etc? NO! So I'm sure that many were like me and cringed when Sean Astin got the call from his street thug sister asking for money, and then later when he was beaten up in the parking lot by a bunch of cronies she worked for, who then proceded to STEAL HIS WALLET. Ugh ... I mean, sure, scenes like this have their own degree of camp value, but still ... are they really necessary? How about more fleshed out villains, more focus on other players in the Logan administration, etc? And then, we had the other everpresent reality of 24 -- innocent, waifish looking women are DANGEROUS when they want to exact some sweet, sweet revenge on their tormentors.

Okay, so it sounds like I complained a lot about this episode. And I did. But come on, this is 24. Overall, this was still a pretty damn good episode. Some highlights:

- Whoever played the old Russian computer guy was awesomely evil.
- Good stuff with Logan and his wife.
- Gotta love Edgar's smile when Chloe told him to shut up.
- Interesting, Walt hung (hanged?) himself ... or DID he ...?
- Jack having to refrain from kicking the crap outta the Russian was great.
- John McCain cameo!
- Gravitas!

So yeah, a lot of absurdity, a few unwelcome cliches, but some good setup for the next few episodes, and overall a fun ride: My grade: B

Okay, I think that's about it for now. Still waiting for updates about potential job stuff. Still stressing out about what the next few weeks are going to have in store. And yes, still pondering the mysteries of David Hasslehoff's "Hooked On a Feeling" music video.


Sunday, February 05, 2006

"He's Gonna Feel THAT One In The Morning ..."

Yes, I WAS ready for some football.

Another Superbowl Sunday has come and gone. Have to say that the lack of the PATRIOTS in the big game this year really made me lose a lot of interest in the event. Still, there is something eternally great about sitting around, watching the Superbowl, waiting for the next great commercial, and getting caught up in all the hype. Plus, the great thing about the Superbowl is that it is one of those few events where the men are men and the women are women. For the most part. I know, I know, call me old fashioned. But it's funny how at Superbowl parties everyone kind of divides by gender, and even the most non-football fans amongst the men are called upon to fulfill their sacred duty of planting themselves on the couch, scarfing down chips, and reveling in the sheer awesomeness of watching TV for three straight hours. Let the women discuss the post-game episode of Grey's Anatomy. Like I care about that show. I am a man and I am there to watch other men fight over a ball in a little thing called the SUPERBOWL. For one day at least I want to debate whether both feet were on the line, nod my head at how badly the refs suck, and yes, do the occasional John Madden impression honed from years of playing his videogames. So even if the game is pretty bad, as it was for most of this year's bowl, I love me some Super Sunday. Whoooooo!

So yeah, Seahawks was robbed I tells ya. The refs were blind! That first Steelers TD was BS! Actually, I could really care less about either team, but still, those are my thoughts and I'm sticking to them.

Commercials? Pretty much sucked this year. That Hummer commercial with the Godzilla-style monsters falling in love Brokeback style was amusing, gotta love anything with MONKEYS, and yes, Bud as always had a few semi-amusing spots. But come on, this year's crop of ads was mostly WEAK. Not much in the way of good movie trailers either. Pirates was the same stuff we've already seen in theaters. MI:3 (As those of us who are cool call it ...) looked decent, and Philip Seymour Hoffman will likely rock in full-on evil mode. V for Vendetta of course is probably my most anticipated movie and I cannot wait to see it. But where was Superman, X-3, or anything else "big?" Oh, that's right - Superman is likely gonna SUCK, and X-3 is one giant cluster waiting to happen. Dammit!

Halftime Show - not much to say, really. Rolling Stones did their thing, same thing they've been doing for 40 years since Superbowl One was going on. Yes, it's amazing that these guys can still rock like they do at their ages, but nothing really too exciting here with their performance, other than a really cool stage setup.

Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention Harrison Ford's um, trippy, commercial appearance in that crazy public service ad. Oh how the mighty have fallen (or, in this case, risen, to new HIGHS, if you know what I'm sayin'). Unless Indiana Jones 4 surprises everyoen and kicks tons of ass (that is if it ever actually comes out), it will be sad if "Get Off My Plane!" was the last real career highlight of one Han Solo.


Had one last (?) go at working The Tonight Show on Wednesday, where I was priveleged to see the leader of the Dogg Pound his own bad self, SNOOP DOGG, as both a guest AND performer on Leno. Dogg was funny as always in his interview (speaking of being high, Snoop must be in a constant state of near-nirvana), and hearing his philosophies for raising his kids was pretty funny, if not disturbing (he wants his sons to be playaz - the earlier they start pimping the ladies the better! but his daughter must remain chaste and innocent always! the man has his priorities straight, Sucka!). But man, the Man can rap! Not that I've seen many live rap performances, but Snoop, Nate Dogg, and the rest of the Posse dropped it like it was hot and delivered their ryhmes with uncanny coolness, and it was nothin' but a G thang all up in the Tonight Show, fo' shizzzzzle.

So yeah, was that my swan song at The Tonight Show? Honestly, I don't know. Still waiting to see how a few potential job opportunities pan out, and I won't jinx anything by going into too much detail here. But if those DON'T come through, well, it may be right back to square one. I have really been plugging away though, sending out emails and cover letters and resumes like it's my job. But will I GET a job? That is the sixty-four million dollar question, Jack.

Otherwise, it's more of the grind at NBC. One cool thing - I've been really making an effort lately to read a lot of scripts that I have access to at work, and have gotten to check out a ton of cool projcts both for NBC and competing networks. And for all you fanboys out there, no, I have yet to get my hands on AQUAMAN. But trust me, I've read some sweeeeeeeet sci-fi / action stuff that will likely be way cooler than a show about a man who talks to fish.

Also looking forward to Wed., when the pages will be in attendance at a talk given by Rick Ludwin, head of Late Night programming at NBC. Should be interesting - any man who has the sense to hand Conan the reigns of the Tonight Show is a-okay with me.


Let's rundown the usual suspects:

THE OC - Die, Johnny! DIE! When even the characters on the show who are his friends barely seem to care that he is dead, you know that the character probably sucked. Alright, this episode, with godawful acting and writing, hit the level of being so awful that it was in many way unintentionally amusing. In fact, I actually legit laughed out loud as Johnny fell to his demise (presumed, at least), as Ryan tried in vain to make a last-minute save. And hold the phone, Seth is smoking pot, and hiding it from Summer! And Sandy is doing nothing, and Julie Cooper is pining for Summer's dad, and, and, and , is that a shark jumping I see out there in the horizon? Sorry OC apologists, this show officially sucks, and if I had any semblance of willpower when it comes to episodic drama TV-watching, I would have abandoned this ship long ago. My grade: D

SMALLVILLE - Well, after a disappointing 100th episode, Smallville rebounded a bit this week with a decent ep that had a number of good character moments from almost all of its main players. The Lionel-Lex stuff, as always, was gold. Clark's anger over his father's deat was also pretty well handled. But come on, this is a show about SUPERMAN, give us a PLOT that is WORTHY OF THE MAN OF STEEL! This week's hamfisted story of a Batman-style vigilante in Metropolis, whose use of a secret identity as a mild mannered reporter is supposed to give Clark some inspiration for how to handle his future double life -- well, it was just plain dumb. This is Superman we're talking about- HE is the archtype for all other heroes, so why would he be inspired in the ways of the urban vigilante by some lame Black Canary knockoff? On the other hand, even if the guest star of the week sucked ten kinds of suckiness, I did JUMP OUT OF MY SEAT when I heard the by-God DANNY ELFMAN BATMAN THEME MUSIC playing throughout this episode. Yes! Best music ever, and I wish they could have kept it for Batman Begins. If only it could have been used for an episode featuring a young Bruce Wayne ... Oh well, like I said - good/great character stuff, annoyingly stupid plot. My grade: B

VERONICA MARS: This week's Mars was a return to form after the previous week's slightly ridiculous episode. Great stuff here, as the focus was once again on the main mystery of the bus crash that has been driving this season forward. A vintage Veronica twist in this episode that I totally did not see coming, and lots of interesting clues as to who was the culprit in that crash, as the mystery continues to deepen. Please, I beg of you, WATCH THIS SHOW. I just cannot fathom how this awesomely atmospheric, darkly comical, and consistently well-written, well-acted, mystery show pulls in the ratings it does while freaking Skating With the Stars grabs big numbers. WATCH IT. My grade: A

THE OFFICE: Decent ep this week, but the show still struggles to walk the line between comedy and drama as the British one did so poignantly. The Pam-Jim stuff felt waaay too heavy handed, and Pam crying was too sudden and not built up well at all. I just do not buy that those two are meant for each other, whereas in the British office everyone and their mother was breathlessly watching each week to see what would become of Tim and Dawn. Steve Carell was funny as always, and Rann Wilson is a comic genious. But not as sharp and funny as last week's hilarious ep. My hope for this show is that the writers can stay away from polls and data that tells them to focus more on realtionships and making characters likable and all that crap. Just make it smart, funny, and the rest will follow. My grade: B-

MY NAME IS EARL - Wow, this was actually one of my favorite eps yet, with a nice mix of humor and heart that this show has kind of struggled to achieve so far. I still wish this show was funnier that it is, but I probably laughed more at this ep than I have at any other, and Jason Lee and Ethan Suplee are friggin' great. My grade: A -


- I must see THE BORAT MOVIE and I must see it NOW! High five! Honestly, I don't think there's anything or anyone that I find funnier right now that that Krazy Khazakstani Kat.

- NACHO LIBRE looks like another potentially hilarious comedy. Jack Black, the guys behind Napoleon Dynamite, and lucha libre wrestling? I fail to see how this could NOT be amazing.

- As far as kickass blockbuster action movies go, V FOR VENDETTA, baby. Could this fianlly be the Alan Moore adaptation that does NOT see the greatest writer ever spinning in his not-yet-dug grave? If early reviews are an indication, this is gonna rock. Hard.

- Amare Stoudamire of the Phoenix Suns is a beast, even if he is on the injured list! That man probably eats men like you for breakfast. And in other NBA news, the Lakers lose to Charlotte and New Orleans / Oklahoma in a span of two days! And I laugh uncontrollably ...

- Countdown to the almighty AEROSMITH CONCERT begins - T-minus two and a half weeks!

- This Friday: The last four episodes of ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT!

- It's official: 7000 Hits to the blog and counting! Thanks to all who frequent this site, to random visitors, and to those who simply hit reload on their internet browser over and over again (ie me). So even though I've been hearing "talk" about other, newer, hipper, cooler blogs out there in cyberland ... don't believe the hype - because THIS is the real deal - the one, the only, dannybaram.blogspot.com.

You want some, come get some.