Friday, August 11, 2006

Random Pre-Weekend Thoughts

Well, it's Friday, the weekend is almost here - as Jamie Foxx might say: Hoo-rah.

Some random thoughts as I head into the almighty weekend:

- Bryan Singer: you already did a poor-man's remake of Superman, please don't remake Superman II. Yes, Zod was cool then (obligatory KNEEL BEFORE ZOD here), but it would suck if you brought him back - SUCK I tell you. Warners: get a new director with an original vision on these movies ASAP. But, if you've got to go with Zod, I vote for Ewan McGregor (apparently it's Jude Law ... um, okay, I guess). I demand CGI Darkseid voiced by James Earl Jones, dammit all.

- Mel Gibson: what's with people calling on us to forgive him? Doesn't forgiveness imply that you are angry at the person first for a bit? How about this - I'll be pissed at Mel for a few years or so, then I'll reevaluate. It's not like he stepped on my foot while passing me in the subway or something. That's like an instant forgive - no biggie. I think certain offenses, we as a public are entitled to be ticked off for a while before we immediately turn the other cheek, so to speak.

- So they are remaking The Prisoner, eh? This is one of those classic shows along with Twin Peaks that I REALLY need to see.

- Sweet, David Duchovny is on Leno as I type this (watching the live feed). He's always a great talkshow guest, gotta love the dry sense of humor. Just please make another X-Files movie already before the two leads are ready for the convalescent home - it's been talked about for years now already!

- While in the grocery store recently i came across new Pepsi Jazz. Unable to resist new and gimmicky soft drinks, I tried the Black Cherry and Strawberries and Cream varieties. My opinion? Black Cherry is decent, but it's no Dr. Browns. As for Strawberries and Cream ... well, some things just should not be made into Cola form.

- Every day we in the know at NBC receive a meticulously put-together newsletter known as Headlines, which is an amazing compilation of news, views, and random tidbits for our daily reading pleasure. I have to admit that when the new Headlines comes via email each day, it is one of the highlights of my sometimes boring / uneventful workday. And I learn a lot from it - today I learned that today is, in fact, Hulk Hogan's birthday! Thank you, Headlines! And on that note, Well ya Know something Mean Gene: Happy 53rd Birthday, Hulkster! Brother!

- See this is why Hulk Hogan needs to keep wrestling and kicking ass. Sure, he fake-wrestles, but since he's about the same age as the parents of people of my generation, it is a reassuring reminder to see Hogan, 53, with two bad knees, a bad back, and countless other injuries, limp down to a ring, flex his old-man muscles, and defeat his opponent in staged combat. Because if Hogan can do it at 53, then my dad, in theory, could still, if he wanted to, kick some ass.

- And I'm out. Have a good weekend, dudes.

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